Forklift market

Date:Mar 24, 2016

Forklift is a industrial handling vehicles, is refers to on into pieces tray goods for handling, and stacking and short distance transport job of various round type handling vehicles, was widely application Yu port, and station, and airport, and yard, and factory workshop, and warehouse, and circulation Center and distribution center,, and can into cabin, and car and container within for tray goods of handling, and handling job, is tray transport, and container transport essential of equipment.

Forklift manufacturing industry in China from 2009 has been out of the plight of the decline in sales in the 4 quarter 2010 comprehensive recovery in the domestic market and leap-forward development of the gesture to show strength.

According to the forklift truck industry sales forecast analysis report and the transformation and upgrading of forward-looking data shows that in 2010, China forklift sales (export) 232409 units, an increase of 67.31%. Electric counterbalance ride trucks 22960 set, electric ride-7502 warehouse forklift sales, electric walk-22280 warehouse forklift sales, internal combustion counterbalanced fork 179667. Domestic sales of approximately 190,000 units in 2009, representing 111350 about 70%; export sales of about 40,000 or so, compared with the 2009 27555, an increase of about 60%.

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