Status of forklift trucks in overseas markets in China

Date:Mar 24, 2016

In 2007, China forklift sales to 139,000 units, an increase of 30%; export forklift 47,000 units, an increase of 78%, exports accounted for 34% sales; export incremental contribution to sales growth of up to 65%.

In 2007, global forklift sales to 907,000 units, an increase of 10%. Consumption by region was as follows: Europe in the world forklift truck market share is about 40%, followed by North America (United States + Canada) market, about 21%; China's market share has more than 11%, while Japan's weight not more than 10%; proportion of the rest of the world is close to 16%.

China internal combustion counterbalanced forklift "internal combustion counterbalanced forklift truck sales accounted for 80% of the forklift, global sales of electric forklift trucks in more than 50%. This is because in Europe, the United States and Japan forklift trucks on the market, electric forklift sake has become a mainstream product. Due to the environmental protection requirements for the lower, forklift tasks more frequently, poor working environment and operating cost and other factors, still forklift truck demand in China for a long time will tend to use a forklift.

In forklift market around the world, Toyota and Linde, and annual sales income of more than $ 5 billion and roost on the fork and hangcha forklift in the domestic market, total market share of more than 50%.

Forklift exports accounted for overseas market share in China is still low, and cost advantages and export tax rebates led to domestic enterprises exported impulse and other reasons, China exports of forklifts in the future is expected to maintain a rapid growth rate, compound annual growth rate of not less than 30% 2010 years ago. The next 3 years, annual growth in domestic forklift truck sales are expected to stay above the 20%, will increase dependence on overseas markets. Export sales has become the main propulsive force.

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