Technical parameters of forklift

Date:Mar 24, 2016

1, rated capacity: forklift rated capacity means to fork is greater than the distance from the anterior wall of the center of gravity when the load Center, maximum allowed weight lifting goods, t (ton). When the goods on fork when the load Center of gravity beyond the provisions due to forklift longitudinal stability limit, weight should be reduced accordingly.

2, load Center: load Center is in the fork when placing the standard on its arrival fork vertical anterior wall the horizontal distance from the center of gravity, in mm (mm). Provisions for 1T forklift load Center 500mm.

3, Max lift height: maximum lift height is on a flat, solid ground, forklift trucks loaded with goods rose to the highest position, level on the surface of the fork vertical distance from the ground.

4, gantry inclination: mast tilt refers to the empty trucks on a flat, solid surface, mast vertical position relative to its maximum angle forward or backward. Angle's role is to take in order to facilitate the fork and unload cargo; angle when the forklift is the role of cargo runs to prevent cargo slid off the fork. Fork angle is 3 ° ~6 °, angle to 10 ° ~12 °.

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