3 Ton Forklift Price for Nissan Engine (gas or LPG)

3 Ton Forklift Price for Nissan Engine (gas or LPG)

Date:Oct 11, 2017

3 Ton Forklift Price for Nissan Engine (gas or LPG) Basic Info

3 Ton Forklift Price for Nissan Engine (gas or LPG) Product Description

3.0 ton Gasoline/LPG Forklift
with Nissan K25 Engine
with Chinese Baiyang Engine
Reliable Quality  Affordable Price

1. Is the quality same with HELI brand forklifts?
    Yes, CHL share the same production line with HELI brand forklifts.
    Same factory, same components, same support team.
2. What's the difference between CHL and HELI?
     CHL is with more modern technology, more humanized design, new yellow color.

     CHL has better price.

3. How CHL ensure quality?

     CHL forklift service lift is twice and more longer than other Chinese brand forklifts.

     1. Original Parts

     The most important parts of CHL forklift are from Japan, Germany and America, especially engine, sealing, bearing and transmission parts.

     2. Strict Parts Testing

     All key parts CHL forklift use must stand two technical tests, some are three. HELI Group has a set of very strict procedure in choosing parts supplier. HELI Group only choose long cooperation supplier, this largely avoid the risk of breakdown in parts supply chain.

     3. Lean Manufacturing

     By adopting the "Lean Manufacturing", HELI Group perfect every procedure of the whole manufacturing process, which can assure the best quality of CHL trucks.

4. What's the warranty period?
     15 months or 2000 working hours (which comes first).

General Manufacturer   Anhui Heli Co., Ltd Anhui Heli Co., Ltd Anhui Heli Co., Ltd
Model    CP(Q)YD25 CP(Q)YD30 CP(Q)YD35
Power Type   Gasoline or LPG Gasoline or LPG Gasoline or LPG
Rated Capacity kg 2500 3000 3500
Load Center mm 500 500 500
Size Overall max.lifting height ( with backrest) mm 4030 4262 4262
Max.Lifting height   3000 3000 3000
Height mast retracted (upright) mm 2000 2065 2180
Free lift height mm 170 160 170
Backrest height (from upper face of forks) mm 995 1227 1222
Overall height (overhead guard) mm 2170 2190 2190
Overall length (without forks) mm 3646/2576 3752/2682 3763/2693
Wheel base mm 1600 1700 1700
Min.groud clearance under mast mm 110 135 135
Overall width mm 1170 1225 1225
Lateral fork adjustment (outside of fork) mm 1024/200 1060/250 1060/250
Tread (front/rear) mm 970/970 1000/970 1000/970
Inside turning radius mm 2240 2400 2420
Outside turning radius mm 160 200 200
Min.intersecting aisle mm 2280 2380 2400
Tilting angles (forward/backward)   6°/12° 6°/12° 6°/12°
Fork Size mm 1070*122*40 1070*125*45 1070*125*50
Service Mass kg 3680 4270 4700
Performance Max.Traveling speeds (laden/unladen) km/h 19/20 19/20 19/19
Lifting Speeds (laden/unladen) mm/s 490/530 450/500 340/380
Lowering Speeds (laden/unladen) mm/s 450/550 450/550 350/400
Max.Draw-bar pull (laden/unladen) kN 12/8.6 15/9.8 17/9.8
Max.Negotiable Gradient (laden/unladen) % 15/20 19/16.9 14.5/15

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