Cars In Europe And Metro's Highest-profile Bid Orders

Our high-end equipment "going out" a huge breakthrough. Recently, this reporter from car group was informed that the United States Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) announcements, group companies in winning Chicago 846 Metro vehicle projects, amount totals $ 1.3 billion. It is not only Europe's largest ever rail vehicle procurement, rail transportation equipment companies exporting to developed countries, China is by far the largest project for Metro vehicles.

According to reports, Chicago has United States's second-largest public transit system, Metro Chicago has a long history, since it commenced operation in 1947 and currently operates 8, total length of 170 km of lines. In 2014, the CTA through international bidding and purchasing 846-7000-series subway cars for the replacement of old car on a Chicago subway line, which accounted for half of all Chicago Metro vehicles. Eventually, the car wins the international competition in China.