CE/EPA Approved 2 Tons 1.5m3 Bucket Wheel Loader

CE/EPA Approved 2 Tons 1.5m3 Bucket Wheel Loader

Date:Aug 31, 2018

CE/EPA Approved 2 Tons 1.5m3 Bucket Wheel Loader Basic Info

CE/EPA Approved 2 Tons 1.5m3 Bucket Wheel Loader Product Description

High Quality CE/EPA Approved 2 ton Wheel loader/Cummins engine for option


-Wheel loader

-2T Rated load

-Certificate: CE,ISO

-Hydro-mechanical transmission

-Joystick valvle

-Cummins engine for option




1.The wheel loader uses a hydro-mechanical transmission which can make full use of engine power and can have an automatic variable transmission according to the external resistance. It avoids power failure of the engine due to the suddenly increased external load. The wheel loader can absorb and eliminate the vibration and impact of external load on engine. It protects the drive system and engine, increases the service life, facilitates the operation and achieves higher economical and production efficiency.2. The wheel loader uses a central articulated frame and load sensing hydraulic steering gear. The machine can achieve a short turning radius and superposition of the front and rear tracks upon turning (this will ensure safe driving). The wheel loader has the advantages of easy operation on narrow sites, flexible operation, safety, convenient maintenance and so on.3. The wheel loader uses four-wheel drive, low-pressure wide base off-road tires and an oscillating rear axle, so it has sound off-road performance, good traffic ability and larger traction.4. The wheel loader is equipped with a single-pipe type hydraulic four-wheel brake.5. The wheel loader has a fully enclosed cab and the seats have the functions of vibration reduction and easy adjustment. The machine offers the driver a comfortable drive and wide view.


CE/EPA Approved 2 Tons 1.5m3 Bucket Wheel Loader Attachments option:


Grapple, grasping for wood, screening bucket, oil drum kits, Four in one bucket, snow chains(set), snow blower, A/C, etc.


HH620 Wheel loader Specification



Item HH620
Rate load(kg) 2000
Bucket capacity(m3) 1.5
Wheel distance(mm) 1470
Axle-base(mm) 2160
Loader clearance radius(mm) 5200
Min base to the ground(mm) 340
Dump clearanle(mm) 3500
distance acc.to the height(mm) 1140
Time of raise(s) 6
Hydraylic cycle time(s) 10
Turns to pick the strength most greatly(KN) 37.75
Drive mode Four-wheel drive
Operating weight(kg) 5310
(mm)Overall dimensions (Length*width*height) 5630*2100*2850
Engine Model XICHAI4DX11-64/Luotuo4108G
Engine Rated poweer(kw) 48/60
horsepower(hp) 122
Engine rated output(rpm) 2400

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