China International Contractors Signed New Contracts Last Year For Us $ 210 Billion

"Along the way" strategy, infrastructure cooperation is facing new opportunities for development, data showed China International Contractors Association 27th 2015 foreign engineering contract business of China signed a contract amount of $ 210.07 billion, of which "along the way" more than more than 60 countries concerned signing contract amount of $ 92.64 billion, accounted for more than 40%.

27th in Beijing held a press conference on China's foreign engineering contract industry, spokesman for the China International Contractors Association introduced Ms Zhang, is currently in the "area" has the unique advantage of market economic corridor, South-East Asia and Central Asia, has become an "early harvest" program area.

"Economic corridor is being built, step forward, Lahore mass transit project to become ' the ' economic corridors in the framework of the first official launch of transport infrastructure projects," Ms Zhang introduced Karakoram Highway and the gwadar East Bay express road, Karachi-Lahore highway projects have been signed, a number of construction projects into the implementation phase.