Chinese Brand New XCMG 1ton Skid Steer Loader Attachment

Chinese Brand New XCMG 1ton Skid Steer Loader Attachment

Date:Aug 19, 2017

Chinese Brand New XCMG 1ton Skid Steer Loader Attachment Product Detail

Basic Info

Chinese Brand New XCMG 1ton Skid Steer Loader Attachment Product Description

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XT740/750/760 skid steer loader is the 1ton series loader, reachered and developed by XCMG with the latest design standard, it is a new kind of product characterized by high efficiency,beauty,safety and reliability.With the technology of wheel mechanism, all-wheel drive and skid steering, it can easily and quickly replace and hook a variety of devices to adapt to the different working environments and operational items.

Chinese Brand New XCMG 1ton Skid Steer Loader Attachment Scope of work:
It's suitable for narrow place, uneven grounds and occasions of frequency-changed operating items. It can also be used as ancillary equipment for large-scale construction machinery. Extensively used for purposes of roadway maintenance, pipeline-laying, landscaping, snow-sweeping, cargo-transportation, excavation & fragmentation etc.

Wheel Loader Attachment Specifications and characters:

Chassis integrated with hydraulic tank and fuel tank make space saving and machine more robust.
This machine adopts the international famous Perkins engine and Rexroth hydraulic parts, which is ensure the machine can quality itself to all kind of operating work.
When working devices work, the buck can rote with boom movements all the time, it is greatly improved the working efficiency.
The proportional pilot handle is easy to operate so that the operators can work quickly and comfortably with little efforts.
The universal quick change device can realize the quick and convenient replacement of all kinds of attachments. The quick-connect couplings of pipeline are above standard. The majority of attachments from other manufacturers can be used on the machine.
Spacious cap with all the instruments observed easily in front of the place.
Automatic leveling system, while boom moves up, bucket will stay parallel.
All switches can be easily-touched. Safe armrest can prevent operators from the seats accidentally with safety measures ensuring the safe operation.
Cab can be turned ahead with a wide-angle. Accelerator has two kids: manual control and pedal accelerating control, which makes operation easy. More attachments can be replaces on the machine.

Technical specifications
Model No. XT740
Engine Model   Perkins
Rated Power/Speed KW/rpm 37.5/2600
Dimension(LxWxH) mm 3413x1780x2007
Operating Weight kg 2835 speed km/h 11.6
Bucket capacity m3 0.27
Rated load kg 720
Dump reach mm 645
Steering Radius Without Bucket mm 1230
Steering Radius With Bucket mm 2075
Ground Clearance mm 185
Tire Model   10-16.5
Wheel Base mm 1740

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