Construction Machinery Products In China's Market Development

Key parts of construction machinery is a basis for the development of the industry, supporting constraints and bottlenecks, when construction machinery develops to a certain stage, industry research will be concentrated in high-tech engines, hydraulic, transmission and control systems and other key components. Dynamic performance of construction machinery is a measure of product technology, one of the most important indicators, which include the power of the diesel engine itself and the power transmission system of comprehensive performance in two parts. Engine in addition to the continuous improvement of fuel injection system and reducing fuel consumption and low carbon emissions, General technology, low speed torque and power output, performance, vibration and noise have specific requirements. At present, China's Weichai engine of construction machinery products, the diesel, Cummins, Deutz, Platinum jeans, such as Isuzu and Yanmar. High-end products, exports of equipment, heavy equipment and excavators, almost entirely dependent on foreign brands.

Engineering machinery transmission parts including "double system", planetary reducer, driven Rotary axle and suspension systems, pivoting, "four wheels". Present research and development of engineering machinery transmission parts level compared with the advanced international level, research and development means about 30 years behind, there is little domestic enterprises can bear the load conditions load spectrum of closed means of gear accuracy and performance gap compared with the international advanced level.