Daily Maintenance Of The Loader Tank

Daily Maintenance Of The Loader Tank

Date:Mar 11, 2020

The use of clean diesel fuel is of particular importance to diesel-powered loaders. If the diesel fuel in the tank is not clean, it will significantly increase the fuel line plunger, oil outlet valve and nozzle needle valve and other precision parts wear or rust, thereby greatly reducing the reliability and durability of the operation of the machine. To do this, pay attention to the daily maintenance of the tank.


Tank maintenance

(1) Before adding diesel fuel to the tank, it should be precipitated above 48h, so as not to bring impurities into the tank.

(2) Loaders are often scattered in the field operations, because the oil depot is not convenient to refuel, live in a bucket to send oil to the site. At this time to refuel the machine pump must be clean and non-polluting, but also to avoid the bottom of the barrel precipitation oil pumped into the tank.

(3) After finishing work every day or before stopping work, the tank should be filled with oil, so as to avoid the night empty tank wall due to condensation and water droplets into the diesel fuel. In addition, before starting work, the tank drain valve should be opened to drain the dirty oil or moisture from the bottom of the box.

(4) Machine operation should be at all times to grasp the amount of oil in the tank, so that the heart of the number, oil shortage should be added in time, in order to prevent the exhaustion of oil storage caused by dirty oil or air into the fuel system, thus affecting the normal operation of the diesel engine.

(5) The vent hole on the tank cover should be cleared frequently, if blocked, it will cause negative pressure in the box, and reduce the pressure of oil transmission and reduce the supply of oil, so that the diesel engine power can not be fully exploited.

(6) When the fuel tank leakage or switch closure is not strict, it not only pollutes the environment, easily causes fire, but also wastes diesel fuel, increasing the cost of operation. At this time should stop welding repair or replacement switch, must not force the continuation of the work, otherwise leakage under the vibration of the machine will become more and more serious, and cause greater losses.

(7) The cleaning of the tank. After long-term use of the machine, diesel fuel in the tank in contact with the air or the box wall will produce a lot of dirt, some of which sink to the bottom of the box, the other part is attached to the wall of the box. At the same time, every day in the process of refueling is inevitable, there is no amount of dust or moisture into the tank. Therefore, every 1000 to 1500h machine work, should be cleaned once the tank, otherwise even if all added clean diesel, will be contaminated. The fuel tank of the construction machinery is bulky and the cleaning is laborious and time-consuming. Here's a tip: Use compressed air to clean the tank. Here's how:

Tank maintenance

(1) With 0.5" steel pipe homemade a nozzle, about 1m long, the lower hole welded dead, and around it drilled several diameter 1-2mm injection holes, the upper end is connected with the hose from the gas pump.

(2) Release the oil in the tank, plus 20-30l clean diesel.

(3) Extend the nozzle into the bottom of the tank.

(4) Start the air pump (or the self-contained air pump to the car tire), when the air pressure rises to 0.6-0.7mpa, open the air cylinder valve, the rapid flow of air into the bottom of the tank oil, causing the oil to splash and shake violently, can wash clean the inner wall of the tank. At this time, to use cotton yarn to plug the tank port, so as not to spray oil mist. 

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