Excavator Rake Bucket/ Rock Sifting Rake

Excavator Rake Bucket/ Rock Sifting Rake

Date:Apr 28, 2018

Excavator Rake Bucket/ Rock Sifting Rake Basic Info

Excavator Rake Bucket/ Rock Sifting Rake Product Description

We are specialized manufacturer of excavator buckets/backhoe,and can design and produce all sizes of world-famous brands from 2-45T excavator according to your valued customer demands,We are direct manufacturer,so the price is very competitive,your inquiry is most welcome.

Excavator Rake Bucket
1. Material: Q345B+NM400
2. Certification: ISO9001: 2008
3. Features:
   Excavator Bucket, Rake without teeth
   Simple design but high durability and work efficiency.

4.Excavator Rake Bucket/ Rock Sifting Rake Feature and application

Rock Sifting Rake 
This pin-on rake  is designed to  be of the same  heavy duty quality  as the multi-ripper!  The tins are thick and spaced so that there are no cross members to block the smaller debris from falling through.These rakes are good for sifting through debris and bubble from demolition or ripping roots and rocks from land clearing .When used in conjunction with one of our thumbs,the rakes has a similar function as a grapple.These rakes can be made for any size backhoe or excavator and can be manufactured to have replaceable teeth for an additional fee.

Name Total  Weight The  quantity  of  Teeth Material
Rake  Bucket 3-5T 4PCS Q345B
Rake  Bucket 6-10T 5PCS Q345B
Rake  Bucket 11-16T 6PCS Q345B
Rake  Bucket 17-20T 7PCS Q345B
Rake  Bucket 21-24T 8PCS Q345B
Rake  Bucket 25-30T 9PCS Q345B
Rake  Bucket 31-35T 10PCS Q345B
Rake  Bucket 36-40T 11PCS Q345B

Chemical components and mechanical performances

Excavator Rake Bucket/ Rock Sifting Rake.jpg 

Material Code Main Che mical  Com position  Hardness  Extension Drag and Extension Intensity Bend Intensith
     C  Si  Mn   P   S         
Mn Board Q345B 0.18 0.55 1.4 0.03 0.03 163~187        21     470~660     345
Homemade Regrinding Board NM360 0.20 0.3 1.3 0.02 0.006      360         16         1200     1020
High Intensity Regrinding Board HARDOX-500 0.20 0.7 1.7 0.025 0.01  470~500           8           1550      1300
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