Front End Loader for Sale

Front End Loader for Sale

Date:Jul 11, 2018

Front End Loader for Sale Basic Info

Front End Loader for Sale Product Description

Product Description
1.Features of construction machinery front end loader

Strong structure: Heavy load for the rocky conditionthe working device and front and rear frame feature thick board of high strength, reasonable distribution and strong carrying capacity.
 Small and flexible, with the high moving speed,44km/h
 Large dumping clearance :3.25m
Strong adaptation to the work sitecentered design, small turning raidus. No speed difference between front and rear wheels. The tyre is not easily worn.
 With large power and high torque conservation, usd famous brand engine which with stong power and reliably structure and efficient working.
DIN and SAE standardThe drive shaft flange adopts DIN and SAE standard to increase the bolt circle diameter, and adopts the self-locking nut for connection and fixing, providing more reliable drive.

2. Specifications of front end loader

ain parameter 
Bucket capacity 1.5-2.5M3
Rated load3000kg
Operating weight9900kg
Max.drawing force118KN
Min.turning radius(bucket)5744mm
Min.turning radius(wheel)4888mm
Total cycling time9.2s
Dumping clearance3049mm
Dumping reach1066mm
ModelDeutz WP6G125E22
Rated power92kw
Max. torque515Nm
Driven systerm 
Torque converterYJ320B
Max.running speed40.1km/hr
Bumping blockFour in reverse and two forward
Oil tank 
Fuel oil170L
Hydraulic systerm tank112L

In order to provide you with efficient & suitable quotation and assistance for you, could you kindly tell me the following information:
1)what will you use the loader for? Sand? Mud? Stone?
2) Bucket capacity  you need
3)Which engine brand do you prefer
4) Dumping clearance(m)
If you have any quuestion about our company or products, please feel free to contact with me, and i will try my best to make you satisfied.

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