General Airport Trillions Of Investment Potential In Our Country To Be Released

State deputies, Nanchang hangkong University principals, advancing Vice Chairman of the Jiangxi provincial party Committee Luo sheng, aircraft industry in the national people's Congress, Deputy Chief Engineer, China Academy of engineering Fan Huitao, national people's Congress, the aircraft industry in the South, Executive Director and General Manager Peng Jianwu appeal: to accelerate the construction of national airport, as soon as possible, "County."

The 18 session of the plenary session of the Party on the "Thirteen-Five" plan proposed, first proposed the inclusion of general aviation network infrastructure plan, separate from the Civil Aviation General Aviation, tied with civil aviation, railways, highways, showed that general aviation industry development to the national strategic level. General aviation airports is the development of highways, build a high-speed rail network, States a major initiative in the field of transport.

Current airport building has been around a lot of attention, but the whole "less planning, landing" trend, stock and increase China's general aviation industry is still far from general aviation airport construction funding becomes an important bottleneck restricting the development of shipping industry. They suggested to PPP (Public-Private-Partnership, public-private partnership) mode and manpower to promote national airport construction, speed up the construction of clear, rational layout, positioning accuracy, accessibility network system of strong national General airport, as soon as possible the national more than 2,800 counties "County."