"Gold" hot around the regular influx of orders

"Golden action" as the theme of the Shaanxi Automobile Group X3000 Gold Edition product experience in recent days of heavy trucks came to Jining! joint campaign run by the Jinan Jining huixin organized jointly jiningdiqu the truck X3000 Gold Edition has a more in-depth user experience, X3000 products sold in jiningdiqu have laid a solid foundation!

X3000 as the Shaanxi Automobile Group introduced a new high-end product, is a new generation of high-end non-standard load card, brought new ideas to the heavy truck market as a whole. DeLong X3000 with its fuel-efficient, light, durable, comfortable, secure, intelligent, six have received the majority of users praise. Shaanxi automobile customers said X3000 ride to feel more comfortable than than any other brand. Stylish appearance, low fuel consumption, no loss for the "King of the logistics and transport". Highly customer of Shaanxi Automobile Group's products, not only is the customer support for the product, is an affirmation of Shaanxi automobile brand. Jining Hui Xin Wang then read out the order of the day for all preferential policies: ordering customers possessing huixin 4S store of the day Super VIP status! free 5000-15000 buying spree, 100,000 km maintenance free lifetime 90 percent, 36-month unlimited mileage warranty, service stations service, as well as limited edition fine cars, and so on. A series of preferential policies to users and OTC display 4 Gold Edition X3000 by several users on the spot decision set! the event site to sign orders 25, X3000 Gold Edition orders 8 units!