High Efficiency Zl-20 Wheel Loader

High Efficiency Zl-20 Wheel Loader

Date:Sep 27, 2018

High Efficiency Zl-20 Wheel Loader Basic Info

High Efficiency Zl-20 Wheel Loader Product Description

Streamlined design,elegant appearance,Direct injection engine,dynamic reserves,high efficiency and energy saving
The entire vehicle hydraulic transmission,automatic regulation of output torque,and infinitely variable speed,flexible and portable operation
The full hydraulic steering,flexible,
hydraulic torque converter,fixed shaft type power shift gear box,large power,strong climbing ability,high reliability,
To realize stepless speed.flexible operation.improving the operation efficiency.Avoid the mechanical shift when the impact caused by the mechanical barrier,And has overload protection function.tO extend the service life.
The advanced hydraulic system and high quality parts to ensure the high reliability of the whole machine is more reasonable.power matching.
Using low voltage and wide tyres, having excellent cross-country performance and through the performance, operation ability, long service life etc.
Full function, the use of a wide range of iron ore,coal, municipal engineering..construction sites, plant material, terminals and other materials.
Unloading.site formation.1ifting and towing the best tools.
Optional wood clamping machine.grass cutting machine.bucket.nsrrow side tipper.four in one bucket configuration function.

Loading bucket capacity 1.15 m3
Rated load capacity2000kg
Max. breakout force49KN
Max. Traction 38kn
Tipping load32KN
Forward I gear shift 0-11km/h
Forward II gear shift 0-27km/h
Reverse I gear shift 0-11km/h
Reverse II gear shift0-27km/h
Dumping height  3200mm
Dumping reach when at max. dumping height 900mm
Dumping angle45°
Max attachment rollback when on transport position 52°
Lifting time of bucket4.6s
Falling time of bucket3.2s
Rated power 52kw
Rated speed 2400r/min
Max. steering angle 35°
Grade ability60%
 Min. turning radius (outside of bucket)4917mm 
Operation weight 6365kg

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