How Should The Loader Be Serviced?

How Should The Loader Be Serviced?

Date:Mar 10, 2020

1. Adhere to the "two-set, three-pack" system

Correct use of loaders, strict implementation of safety technical operating procedures, the implementation of the target cost management of machinery and equipment, the operator's economic benefits and loader usage fees (such as fuel charges, maintenance costs, maintenance costs, materials, tools, etc.) linked, the loader driver passive daily maintenance equipment for active daily maintenance.

2. Reduce the invisible wear and tear caused by the environmental climate to the loader

That is, to reduce the impact of environmental factors on its service life. Because most of the construction machinery is open-air operation, the work site is often changed, so its performance is greatly affected by the temperature, environment, climate and other factors of the work site. Long-term fixed operation of machinery, must have a shutdown room (shed), or take the upper cover, under the maintenance measures of wood cushions, reduce the sun and rain, rust caused by the invisible wear. Many construction units ignore the effects of environmental factors on the use of machinery (the ambient temperature is too low, but also to the machinery has disastrous consequences). Failure to take appropriate protective or adaptive measures, resulting in reduced performance of mechanical use, shortened service life, or even lead to accidents.


3. Regular maintenance of loaders is the key to extending life

"Ministry of Transport road maintenance machinery warranty procedures" on the maintenance of loaders are clearly defined, but, many construction units to the period of tight, heavy tasks, often neglect the maintenance work, think that the normal operation of machinery, no failure, no need to stop maintenance. This buried the hidden danger stoic sand that caused mechanical accidents in the future. Because maintenance can eliminate mechanical hidden dangers, if not timely maintenance, often make mechanical equipment there is a major failure, or even the occurrence of personnel forget the accident.  This will not only increase the cost of maintenance, but also delay the construction period.

4. Use of advanced mechanical testing and other auxiliary maintenance means

The mechanical maintenance work is an important part of extending the service life of machinery, and the service life of construction machinery can be effectively extended by using reasonable maintenance method. According to the relevant statistics, the use of advanced condition monitoring means, can reduce maintenance costs of 25% to 50%, the incidence of failure reduced by 75%, and can extend the life of machinery.

5.Low-cost fast repair method

The "low-cost fast repair method" proposed by the machinery industry is also an effective way to extend the life of machinery. Implementation of this method, in addition to mechanical design using maintenance design, improve the maintenance of machinery, in the maintenance practice can also use the following methods: First, parts replacement, construction machinery on many parts, such as bulldozers, excavator track pins, diesel engine liners, etc., in operation often bear one-way load, resulting in uneven wear, if timely replacement of the uneven load parts, so that their wear balance can be extended. Second, the use of advanced brush plating and adhesive repair technology, can also quickly and low-cost repair of invalid parts. Such as wear-resistant welding, spraying diamond plating layer, magnetic plating, laser plating and so on.


Loader as a high frequency of our life machinery, its use of the maintenance is very important, the machine is not actually a pile of cold steel, not just for us to make money machine, do a good job of daily maintenance, machine can better serve us.

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