Hydraulic System For Daily Maintenance Of Small Loaders

Hydraulic System For Daily Maintenance Of Small Loaders

Date:Feb 24, 2021

 In order to let everyone better maintain and use our small loaders, Shandong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. will introduce to you the daily maintenance of the hydraulic system of small loaders.

      1. Before working on a small loader, check whether the fasteners and pipe joints are loose, and whether the pipeline is deformed or damaged.

     2. Before the hydraulic pump of a small loader is operated for the first time, the pump should be filled with oil, and it is strictly forbidden to run it empty.

     3. When the hydraulic pump of the small loader is started, it should be connected and run, and it should be confirmed that it is running flexibly and normally and there is no abnormal noise before working.

     4. If the working pressure of the hydraulic system distribution valve of the working device exceeds or falls below the specified value, it should be adjusted in time.

     5. After the system works stably, in addition to observing whether the oil temperature, pressure and sound are abnormal at any time, pay attention to the working conditions of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, reversing valves, overflow valves, etc. and the oil leakage of the entire system And vibration, etc.

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