Hydrostatic Transmission Wheel Loader

Hydrostatic Transmission Wheel Loader

Date:Mar 29, 2021

1. Transmission of hydrostatic loader

There are many drivers who do not know the hydrostatic loaders. When they do not touch the fuselage, most of them think that this type of loaders does not have a gearbox. However, this understanding is actually inaccurate. As far as the technology of the hydrostatic loader is concerned, it uses a variable hydraulic system, and in order to be put into use better, the loader is also equipped with two hydraulic motors at the same time. In the process of normal work, according to the difference of high and low speed, the two hydraulic motors will do a coordinated switch according to the actual situation, in this way to achieve the effect of shifting. However, this adjustment method is actually not enough for the transmission range, so the hydraulic loader is still equipped with a gearbox. Officially, because its variable speed function can be double-adjusted, the performance can be ensured even more superior.

2. Control technology of hydrostatic loader

For the control of the hydrostatic loader, because it has a certain degree of autonomous control assistance, in the process of work, due to the control effect of the electro-hydraulic combination, the operation of the fuselage will often be more stable. It is more stable for some operating techniques. For unfamiliar drivers, this type of loader often has greater stability and safety guarantees. In addition, due to the comprehensive regulation of the control technology, during the driving process of the loader, as the stability improves, the tires of the loader will not be very prone to slipping. In this way, not only the tires of the loader can get more Effective maintenance, and because some driving hazards are reduced, this provides great convenience to the safe driving of the loader.

3.  The ergonomics of the hydrostatic loader

Hydrostatic loaders are generally lighter due to the weight of the whole machine, and when operating at low speeds, the implementation efficiency of the loaders will be relatively high. Under the protection of these conditions, the hydrostatic loaders have more powerful work efficiency. For many traditional loaders, if the intensity of the work increases during the operation, then everyone often needs to increase the output so that they can adapt to the greater load demand. However, for a hydrostatic loader, it is also a high-load work. Because the operation is adjusted by hydraulic pressure, the material that can be lifted by stepping on the throttle is sometimes used for operations such as raising the boom. It can also be lifted smoothly by stepping on the half-throttle, but the speed is relatively slow. But if you can make good use of this, the efficiency of consumption can naturally be reduced a lot.

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