Layout Season Market, A Good Marketing Campaign

On March 16, the Shaanxi Automobile Group Office of Jinan Jinan, Shanxi auto sales limited in Zibo area, according to local market demands, "Shaanxi Automobile Group of hazardous chemicals, tractor" spring special promotion activities, participating in the activities of local hazardous chemicals transport company, auto trade company and competitive user nearly more than 60 people. Products on the market by the first quarter performance and user of highly organized the promotion of improved "Shaanxi automobile chemical products" in local sales.

User experience link, staff through products 5 big Super province oil + that new intelligent driving, and wind resistance coefficient minimum, and power configuration annex optimization, and gold power Assembly, and precision power match of products advantage, combined 720 ° full experience around car explained, to customer full introduced has products, for customer care of after-sales service, problem, staff through site real operation, to customer introduced has shaan heavy steam launched "e accompanying APP" service software of the function and the features. Customer interactive sessions, organize fun activities such as award-winning, micro-grab a red envelope, atmosphere booming customers feel as hot as the weather, which will let you blow out.