Loader Operating Procedures And Maintenance

Loader Operating Procedures And Maintenance

Date:Mar 14, 2020

Loader and ordinary mechanical operation is different, the loader needs professional person, in order to safe operation and maintenance, the following small editor for you to introduce the loader operating procedures and maintenance:


Loader operating procedures

1) Before driving and working, the operator should be familiar with the various performance of the loader, structure, technical maintenance, operation methods, and in accordance with the provisions of the operation.

2) Except for the cab, passengers are strictly prohibited from other places on board.

3) When unloading material from the vehicle, the bucket must be raised to the height that will not touch the vehicle box board, strictly prevent the bucket from touching the car box, and it is strictly forbidden to cross the bucket from the top of the car cab.

4) When going downhill, the use of automatic deceleration, do not press the clutch pedal, in order to prevent the power cut off car accident.

5) The loader should immediately stop the inspection after wading, if found due to immersion caused by brake failure, should be continuous braking, the use of heat to remove moisture in the brake pads, in order to make the brakes return to normal as soon as possible.

6) When the loader is working, the front is not allowed to stand for people, in the course of driving, the bucket is not allowed to carry people.

7) When working, the shovel arm under the station is strictly prohibited, no unrelated personnel and other machinery in this work and passage.

8) High-speed operation is strictly prohibited.

9) When the operator leaves the driving position, the bucket must be grounded, the engine must stall and the power supply must be cut off.

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