Loader Operating Tips

Loader Operating Tips

Date:Mar 18, 2020

Through practical exploration, summed up the operation method of opening a good loader six steps and eight words, can be summed up as: one light, two stable, three away, four attendance, five coordination, six strictly prohibited.

One light: The heel is tighttos against the cab floor while the loader is working, the foot plate and the accelerator pedal are kept parallel, and the underground refueling pedal is gently pressed.

Two steady: the loader in the job, the throttle should always be steady. In general operating conditions, the throttle opening is appropriate at about 70%.


Three departures: In loader operation, the foot plate should be separated from the brake pedal, flat on the cab floor, it is best not to press on the brake pedal. Loaders often work on uneven construction sites, such as fruit feet are always on the brake pedal, the body up and down movement will cause the driver to press the brake pedal without a desire. In general, to control the throttle deceleration method to control the machine condition and shift. This not only avoids frequent braking causes the brake system to overheat, but also brings convenience to the loader's quick speed increase.

Four-time: When working with the loader, especially during shoveling, the bucket should be filled with material by means of a circular triggering lift and the lever lever under stable throttle operations. The circular trigger of the lift and the turn bar is what is called "work". This process is very important and has a great impact on fuel consumption.

Five coordination: coordination is the 杠 lifting and the turn of the lever organic cooperation. The loader-like shoveling process begins with the bucket leveling on the ground and moving smoothly toward the pile. In the bucket parallel shovel inglot to the pile in the face of resistance, first should follow the principle of starting arm after the end.  This effectively avoids resistance to the bottom of the bucket, allowing maximum digging forces to be maximized.

Six strictly prohibited: First of all, it is strictly prohibited to bombard the throttle. The loader, whether on foot or during the work of shoveling, do not press the accelerator pedal hard and always maintain the light, steady and gentle ness of the throttle control. Full reduction and reduction of human error in operation.

The second is strictly forbidden tire slip. When loading machine work, in the face of resistance and the strong refueling door often appear tire slip phenomenon. This phenomenon is usually caused by improper driver operation, which increases fuel consumption and damages tires.

Again, it is strictly forbidden to raise the rear wheels. Due to the heavy digging force of the loader, the driver usually shovels solid soil and stone mountain and other operations, if not properly operated, it is easy to appear two rear wheels up and off the ground phenomenon. This kind of lifting action of landing inertia, will cause 刃 the blade of the bucket to break, bucket deformation, the rear wheel softened high also easy to cause the front and rear frame and other structures of the welding, and even plate fracture.

Finally, it is strictly forbidden to hit the pile. Shoveling ordinary materials, loaders can use II-grade operation, is strictly prohibited to the second gear above the gear to the pile II inertial impact. The correct approach should be for the bucket to convert the gear to I gear at the right time as it approaches the pile to complete a shoveling process.

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