Loader Repair Several Important Considerations

Loader Repair Several Important Considerations

Date:Mar 17, 2020

Although the loader appears to be the surface, the internal components are actually still fragile and can easily be problematic if not properly repaired.

1. The main function of butter is to lubricate and seal. Therefore, some repairmen in the repair process, will be on the cylinder pad to apply butter, think this can increase the sealing performance of the diesel engine. But it's really wrong. Because if you apply butter to the cylinder mat, when the cylinder bolts are tightened, some of the butter will inevitably flow into the cylinder. The remaining butter in the outside will also cause a certain gap between the cylinder pad, the cylinder head and the body plane after the high temperature, which in turn reduces the original sealing of the cylinder pad.

2, never change the oil oil in the loader when the role is particularly great, many repairmen are very important to this. They are added exactly as required by the standard. However, many repairmen forget about the oil quality check and the change of metamorphosis oil. Long-term just adding oil without changing oil will cause many parts of the engine to work in poorly lubricated environments, causing much more wear than normal. Moreover, diesel engine in the process of operation, a lot of dirt will also enter the oil, if the oil is not changed regularly, it is easy to cause burning tile, holding shafts and other accidents.


3, the liner and piston do not combine that is to install a lot of repairmen in the repair, think that the new products should be standardized parts. Therefore, in the face of new liners and piston products often do not look at the specific size. This will cause a lot of times the liner and piston products do not match the situation, when the largest size of the cylinder with the smallest size of the piston, it will make the gap between the two is too large, compression is weak.

4, inter-cylinder measurement is not allowed to measure the cylinder clearance, should be in the piston skirt perpendicular to the direction of the piston pin hole measurement. However, many repairmen do not pay attention to other directions when measuring. However, because the skirt section is oval, the cylinder clearance is not equal.

5, bolts desperately tightening in the loader repair process, in fact, is not the bolt screw edrited more tighter and safer. This is mainly because many parts of the torque for the bolt are required. However, many repairmen do not think so, they will try to screw it to the tightest possible, which can easily cause bolts to break or thread slip.

6, tire pressure is too high and then the tire inflated process, many repairmen do not pay attention to the problem of tire pressure. This can easily cause the situation of the car to burst in the summer.

7, water tank open pot plus cold water in the engine overload work, heat dissipation and other conditions will cause the water tank open pot conditions. The first reaction of many repairmen is to add water. However, if this time added cold water will cause the cylinder head and cylinder block to break, so this time should stop the engine, and so its natural cooling after adding water.

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