Main Components Of Small Loaders

Main Components Of Small Loaders

Date:Mar 04, 2020

Small loaders are suitable for construction in small and medium-sized buildings, and a lot of mixed soil is needed in the construction site. Concrete in the ratio of raw materials, the general construction enterprises required (gravel, sand and cement) mostly with people from the cart mixture stirring field handling to the mixer, which rely on artificial feeding, manual handling method, the labor intensity of production efficiency is low, is not suitable for modern production requirements: large scale loading this machine is not suitable for use, will be converted into practical agricultural tractors, small loaders, and effectively solve the problem. Next, we will introduce the main components of it:
It includes engine, torque converter, transmission box, front and rear drive axle, frame site.
1. engine
2. gearbox
3. Working hydraulic circuit, hydraulic tank, working pump, multi way valve, lifting cylinder and tipping bucket cylinder
4. walking oil circuit: transmission oil sump oil, walking pump, one way torque converter, one way gear valve, transmission clutch
5. drive: drive shaft, main differential, wheel side reducer
6. steering circuit: fuel tank, steering pump, steady flow valve (or priority valve) steering gear, steering cylinder

7. gearbox has two types of integrated (planetary) and split (fixed axis)

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