Rough Terrain Forklift

Rough Terrain Forklift

Date:Mar 26, 2021


Cross-country forklifts generally consist of four parts: engine, chassis, working device and electrical equipment.

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①The hydrostatic transmission has high efficiency and a wide range of high-efficiency working conditions, which can save resources and simplify the structure of auxiliary facilities such as heat dissipation and cooling.

②Using the closed loop of the combination of variable pump and variable motor, automatic stepless regulation is realized, and the diesel engine power remains relatively constant, the power utilization rate is the highest, and the whole machine runs economically.

③Using the dual DA control variable system, under compound operating conditions, the diesel engine speed decreases, but the hydraulic system pressure always remains unchanged, so that the traction does not drop.

④The optimization of the overall parameters of the whole machine is realized to the greatest extent, so that it can provide the greatest productivity and the highest economic benefits.

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Cross-country forklifts are mainly used in urban construction sites, pipeline laying, oilfield development, mountain forest areas and other field projects, as well as container loading and unloading work in docks and cargo yards. It is also used for troops to load and unload military materials with the army during wartime.

rough terrain forklift

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