Shanxi Auto Card With A Temperature, Spring Ten Like You!

On March 11, the times will be 30 days into success in Chengdu Shaanxi automobile DeLong M3000 deliver Chengdu Chun Cheung building material co., Ltd. Delivery ceremony in Chengdu, Shaanxi Automobile Group Director Xu Guangjie, Chengdu era tiancheng auto sales, Deputy General Manager Zhu Jianchuan, Chengdu Chun Cheung building materials limited company director Zhou delivered a speech respectively.

Xu Guangjie, Director of Chengdu heaven in the face of fierce competition in the spring harvest Cheung building, its efforts in order to make sure, as well as Chengdu Chun Cheung building materials company of Shaanxi automobile products, trust and support, and he said Shaanxi Automobile Group in the follow-up process to the user to provide a strong service, allowing users to ease of use.

Subsequently, by Shaanxi automobile service station engineers to concentrate on hands-on training of drivers, and before leaving for work, wonderful delivery ceremony in everyone greeted with cheers and firecrackers in the successful conclusion of 30 Shaanxi Automobile Group new era M3000 slid out of Chengdu heaven 4S shop, Chengdu Chun Cheung Road to glory of building materials to create wealth.