Shop Loader Coup

Shop Loader Coup

Date:Mar 31, 2020

In terms of fuel consumption, it is definitely lower in single cylinder than in double cylinder. When buying a loader, you must also consider the economy and the durable structure of the vehicle. When buying a loader, there are a few suggestions.


First choose the loader engine. The connection of the single-cylinder engine is connected by a belt. Starting and using the clutch after the old car brought a little inconvenience, especially the clutch is prone to problems(Simple car structure, Structure of the clutch, Clutch connections are simple). It is recommended to select the pressure disc clutch so that the bottom of the engine can only be selected from the two-cylinder and above. The gearbox is generally mechanical. With a high base speed, it is basically unnecessary to consider the rigid structure of the whole vehicle. As mentioned above, it is more economical to use the new car in terms of price, user comfort, and future maintenance costs. Although full hydraulic is easy to use, the maintenance cost is very high in the future, and I personally feel very unstable and prone to problems.

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