Strong Pieces Of Construction Machinery Excavators And Cranes Into The Wide Blue Yonder

High-end facilities unit in the machinery sector has always been a need of the market demand, and this week to the highest quality credit low valuations, while radical project from 35 when a policy intended to promote mechanical plate 31 rose this week. For completion by 2010 end 2011 stronger pieces since 2010, static assets and real estate development in foreign countries increased rapidly under the support of project machinery sales for the year rose more than 48%, the whole machinery industry in the first place.

Nothing more than the industry thinks, under pressure from the countries strengthening macro-control and regulation of real estate, machinery industry growth will clearly fall 2011 project. Industry growth this year is expected to fall to 18%~20%.

But growth depression, but the amount is to be modeled on the still keep adding. CITIC analyst Gao Xiaochun show.