The Composition And Characteristics Of The Hydrostatic System

The Composition And Characteristics Of The Hydrostatic System

Date:Apr 02, 2021

The hydrostatic transmission system refers to a closed circuit composed of a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic motor, a charge pump and a control element (hydraulic valve), and a continuously variable transmission system composed of an adjustment control device, etc. The transmission ratio is continuous, the transmission power is stable, and the operation is convenient. The hydrostatic transmission is mainly composed of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors, with various variable control units and transmission components (reducer or gearbox) added to become a continuously variable transmission. Compared with pure mechanical transmission and hydraulic mechanical transmission, it has many advantages such as wide efficient area, flexible layout, stepless speed change, convenient commutation, diverse control methods and reasonable power utilization. 

Reasonable use of hydrostatic transmission in construction machinery can improve machine performance, increase production efficiency, save energy consumption, and raise the quality of the machine to a new stage. 



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