Tips On Hydraulic Oil Replacement For Loaders

Tips On Hydraulic Oil Replacement For Loaders

Date:Mar 06, 2020

There are many hydraulic accessories on the loader , which requires sufficient hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced due to its deterioration over time, some people mistakenly think that it is only necessary to drain the oil in the hydraulic mailbox and fill it with new hydraulic oil. However, at this time, there are still many old hydraulic oils left in the hydraulic oil pipes and hydraulic control valves. When the equipment is used, the use of new and old oils will accelerate the deterioration of new oils.


The correct steps to replace the hydraulic oil should first drain the hydraulic oil from the hydraulic oil tank , clean the fuel tank and add new hydraulic oil, then remove the circuit main pipe, start the engine and run at a low level to make the oil pump work. Drain the old oil in the circuit one by one until new oil flows out of the return manifold. Finally, connect the return manifold to the fuel tank and fill the tank with new hydraulic oil to the specified position.

Of course, this oil change has its flaws, said band leader of the loader bar, so that oil change, first of all idle speed, the pilot oil pressure there is 35 kg, just engine, a pilot oil (that is new for the oil) on When it comes to the return pipe, it is not necessarily enough to prepare 3 large barrels of hydraulic oil. In addition, there is not only one return pipe, which needs to be removed one by one, so it is very troublesome to do one by one .

As the saying goes: "Don't cut the firewood by accident", don't be afraid of trouble! Imagine that although this oil change is a bit slower and depends on the specific model and situation, it will suffice at most for half a day to a day. How much money can this loader make on this day? If a component is damaged due to dirty oil, in addition to maintenance hours and costs, how much silver will be consumed by spare parts alone? This is definitely not alarmist.

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