TL3000 Going To The Europe Market

TL3000 Going To The Europe Market

Date:Aug 28, 2020

Today , our farm machinery TL3000 wheel loader finally reached at Europe market .

This TL3000 telescopic loader is mostly for farm or garden use .


1.The telescopic boom which can reach 4.2m greatly increase it’s working scope.

2.The articulated structure and axle transmission design makes it powerful and

has better pass through ability.

3.The seals, valve & joystick handle are famous oversea products which guarantee

that it’s a reliable long lasting machine.

4.Adjustable spring seat and optional air conditioner makes the operating more comfortable.

5.Wide view cabin and two entrance makes the operating convenient and safe.

6.Quick coupling system, mechanic joystick and buttons makes the operating easy and convenient.

7.The rear cover can be opened as a whole part just by your hands, which makes the maintenance much more simple.




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