What Are The Measures To Reduce The Wear Of The Loader Forklift Cylinder Sleeve?

What Are The Measures To Reduce The Wear Of The Loader Forklift Cylinder Sleeve?

Date:Mar 18, 2020

To reduce cylinder liner wear, in addition to design, manufacturing to take anti-corrosion, wear-resistant measures, in the use and maintenance of the project should also pay attention to the following points:

(1) Correct start and start

After the cold car starts, should be in the small throttle state under the warm car 3 to 5 minutes to start driving, the initial operation, should be small load work for a period of time, wait for the temperature to rise and then heavy load work.

(2) Keep the engine at normal temperature

Diesel engine temperature is too low, can not maintain good lubrication, will increase the friction of the cylinder wall, the temperature is too high, will reduce the strength of the cylinder and increase wear, and may even cause the piston over-expansion and cause "pull cylinder" accident, the normal operating temperature of diesel engine is 80 degrees C to 90 degrees C. Reduce load or stop cooling when it exceeds 95 degrees C.


(3) Maintain good lubrication

Always check and maintain good oil quality, moderate oil level, regular replacement and seasonal selection of oil with the right viscosity, to ensure good lubrication.

(4) Enhanced maintenance of "three filters" (air filters, oil filters and diesel filters)

This is the main measure to prevent mechanical impurities from entering the cylinder, reduce the wear of the cylinder wall and extend the life of the engine, which is particularly important for diesel engines for loaders, which are often in high dust content.

(5) Improve maintenance and repair, quality

Maintenance and repair operations are carried out in strict accordance with the technical standards specified in the diesel engine maintenance instructions. Adjust and control the mating clearance (opening gap) to prevent wear between the piston and the cylinder wall due to improper maintenance and maintenance.

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