What Kind Of Compaction Machine Is Impact Roller?

What Kind Of Compaction Machine Is Impact Roller?

Date:Mar 09, 2020

Impact roller is actually a new type of towing roller, its rolling impact wheel is polygons non-circular cam, through tire tractor traction operation, because the impact roller is composed of tractor and impact wheel two major components. The impact wheel is usually composed of all kinds of 3 × 5 non-circular equal-sided tugs, which can achieve the purpose of compaction pavement and subgrade through continuous rolling impact. Because it has no power itself, the impact wheel needs to be driven by large traction equipment to work. Tractor is a special large engineering traction machinery in the whole equipment of impact roller, and it is an important part of the whole set of impact compactor. It can be replaced by large tractor, loader, automobile and other traction machinery in engineering practice.


The impact roller drives the non-circular impact wheel through the traction of the tractor. Using the weight of the impact wheel itself and the impact force when moving forward, the cement pavement and subgrade are broken and compacted. Impact rolling technology has been studied and tested for a long time. It was put forward by Aubrey Berrange Company of South Africa in 1950s, but it became a mature and practical non-circular rolling impact compaction machine from 1970s to 1980s, and began to be popularized to the world in the 1990s.

And gradually entered the practical stage. The impact roller adopts high power wheeled tractor traction, large traction force, high rolling speed (12~15km/h) and large compaction depth. The comparative test of impact and vibration compaction shows that the compaction speed of impact roller is about 3 times 4 times of that of towed vibratory roller, and its compaction depth can increase sharply with the number of rolling times, which is about 2 ≤ 10 times of that of towed vibratory roller. Not only the compaction productivity is high, but also the compaction effect is good. The compaction production capacity of impact roller to earthwork foundation engineering is incomparable to all kinds of vibratory roller.

In order to give full play to the compaction function of impact roller, the following conditions must be met:

The main results are as follows:

1) in the process of traction rolling and rolling, the traction load of the tractor must be maintained smoothly.

2) when the impact bulge roller is rolling, it is necessary to ensure that the impact mass of the bump falls freely without the restriction of the tractor, so as to give full play to its impact function.

3) the impact load does not have too much influence on the tractor.

4) the non-circular convex block roller should be lifted and suspended in the transportation condition, and the walking mode should be changed quickly so as to realize the rapid and safe transfer.

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