What Safety Rules Should Be Mastered When Backhoe Loader Is In Operation

What Safety Rules Should Be Mastered When Backhoe Loader Is In Operation

Date:May 16, 2020

What safety rules should be mastered when backhoe loader is in operation

Next, I will explain each one in detail:

1. Before the excavating operation of the loader:

⑴ Fix the loading bucket mouth and outriggers on a flat and solid road, let the front and rear wheels leave the road so that the owner can maintain balance;

⑵ Point the loading bucket to the road surface, the front and rear wheels slightly leave the road surface, and extend the outriggers to keep the fuselage balanced.

2. During the operation of backhoe loader:

⑴ The joystick should be stable, and do not move sharply;

⑵ When the boom is lowered, do not brake in the middle;

⑶ Do not use high-speed gear when excavating;

⑷ When moving, place the excavator in the middle transportation state.

3. Before the loading operation of the backhoe loader:

⑴ Before the loading operation, the rotating mechanism should be placed in the middle position and then fixed;

⑵ During the loading process, remember to use low speed gear;

⑶ Do not use the floating position of the valve when lifting the bucket.


4. Matters needing attention during the driving process of backhoe loader:

When the loader is running, no one is allowed to stay around the backhoe loader to avoid danger.

5. several matters needing attention when operating the backhoe loader;

⑴ When driving, do not drive at high speed or make sharp turns;

⑵ When downhill, do not use neutral gear for taxiing;

⑶ When driving, the loading device should be lowered and the hydraulic piston rod fully extended.

6. after conversion of backhoe loader:

⑴Due to the increase in self-weight, keep in mind that the rear wheels should be off the ground when shutting down;

⑵ If you need to park for a long time, the legs should be lifted to let the rear wheels leave the road and supported by cushions.

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