Wheel Loader History In China

Wheel Loader History In China

Date:Oct 21, 2020

After decades of development, Chinese loaders have made great progress. It is particularly commendable.

What makes Chinese people proud is that the loader industry has produced and sold more than 160000 sets this year. In today's Chinese market with numerous international brands, domestic brand loaders still occupy the vast majority of the market.

In 1978, China's annual output of loaders was only 1315 units, and the cumulative production was only 9454 units. In 2007, the sales volume exceeded 160000 units, and the export volume exceeded 10000 units, which was more than the historical cumulative production before the reform and opening up. Similarly, the annual output of bulldozers in China in 1978 was only 1909 units, and the cumulative output was 11923 units. At that time, the import volume was relatively large. By 1980, the cumulative import volume reached 3333 sets. Especially in the late 1980s, the import volume accounted for nearly 30% of the market. In 2007, the sales volume of bulldozers exceeded 7390, which not only occupied the majority of the domestic market, but also exported a lot. In 2007 alone, the export volume reached 2065 units, exceeding the total output of bulldozers in 1978.

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