Wheel Loader with 0.8 Cbm Bucket Capacity

Wheel Loader with 0.8 Cbm Bucket Capacity

Date:Jun 14, 2018

Wheel Loader with 0.8 Cbm Bucket Capacity Basic Info

Wheel Loader with 0.8 Cbm Bucket Capacity Product Description


Emission Regulation Tier 2 / Stage II

Make YT4A2 24

Gross Power 55 kW (74 hp) @ 2,400 rpm

Net Power 50 kW (67 hp) @ 2,400 rpm

Peak Torque 251 N·m @ 1,600 rpm

Torque Rise % 15 %

Number of Cylinders 4

Aspiration natural


Tipping Load - Straight 4,895 kg

Tipping Load - Full Turn 4,180 kg

Bucket Breakout Force 62 kN

Maximum Dump Angle at Full Height 45±1°

Dump Clearance at Full Height Discharge 2,417 mm

Dump Reach at Full Height Discharge 788 mm

Maximum Hinge Pin Height 3,049 mm

Maximum Digging Depth, Bucket Level 16.5 mm

Bucket Rollback at Ground Level 43°

Bucket Rollback at Carry 52°

Bucket Rollback at Maximum Height 64°


Transmission Type Counter shaft-type power shift

Torque Converter 3 element - single stage, single phase

Maximum Travel Speed, fwd 25 km/h

Maximum Travel Speed, rev 25 km/h

Number of Speeds, fwd 2

Number of Speeds, rev 2


Differential Front Type conventional

Differential Rear Type conventional

Axle Oscillation 11°


Steering Configuration articulated

Steering Relief Pressure 14.8 MPa


Reference Bucket 0.8 m3

Wheel Loader with 0.8 Cbm Bucket Capacity DIMENSIONS

Length with Bucket Down 5,457 mm

Width Over Tires 1,940 mm

Wheelbase 2,200 mm

Wheel Tread 1,520 mm

Ground Clearance 285 mm

Turn Angle, Either Side 38°

Rear Angle of Departure 28.5°

Turning Radius, Outside of Tire 4,208 mm

Turning Radius, Center of Tire 3,980 mm

Turning Radius, Bucket Carry 4,502 mm

Wheel Loader with 0.8 Cbm Bucket Capacity BRAKES

Service Brake Type caliper dry disc

Service Brake Actuation hydraulic

Parking Brake Type shoe / drum

Parking Brake Actuation mechanical


Main Pump Type gear

Main Relief Pressure 18 MPa

Raise 4.4 s

Dump Time 1.2 s

Float Down Time 3 s

Fastest Total Cycle Time 8.6 s

Wheel Loader with 0.8 Cbm Bucket Capacity TIRES

Tire Size 16 / 70 - 20


Operating Weight 5,470 kg


Fuel Tank 95 L

Engine Oil 13 L

Cooling System 21 L

Hydraulic Reservoir 78 L

Transmission and Torque Converter 18 L

Axles, each 9 L

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