Zoomlion Started "descendants Of" National Professional Farmers "double Hit" Contest!

In recent years, as aging and loss of rural labor, development of agricultural modernization is faced enormous challenges. Meanwhile, Informationization and mechanization of agriculture in China has reached a higher level, young farmers there do not want to farm, not land, on land not deep feelings of conflict.

Analysis of the industry, to promote the development of China's agricultural modernization, mechanization, improved, in addition to outside products machinery, but also in the "people" aspects. Farmers are the main targets for agricultural machinery, improving farmers ' skills is particularly important. Turning farmers into workers, migrant workers into a new type of excellent agricultural production and operation organizations leaders, managers, and can be coordinated with the development of agricultural modernization and match.

In order to achieve this goal, more new professional farmers, zoomlion orchestrated, organized the national vocational farmers "double hit" contest. It is understood that the activity is divided into four stages start, registration, accreditation and awards, activities from March 2016 until December.